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What does The Phoenix Project Do?

We Provide Training

We personally want to walk with communities, families, and individuals through their crises, but we are eager to take a step further.

Throughout the year we offer training to community volunteers. With these trainings citizens can be ready when their cities have been struck by disaster. The prospect of swift recovery is near when local volunteers are equipped. 

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We Offer Consistent Education

Rev. Jim Uhey consistently shares tips, articles, and videos pertaining to crises management. From the individual relationship to the nation wide state, he offers updates and tools to guide and inform his Facebook Followers. 

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We Build Networks

Every two months, Rev. Jim Uhey and his wife Julie send a Newsletter to their constituents. It includes the latest activity of The Phoenix Project as well as a recent testimony of his family. 

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Our mission is to educate and train individuals, churches and other organizations in the area of crisis and trauma recovery.  To learn how to help people in crisis or those who have been traumatized by life to find hope and healing.  How to build a team that is effective as well as networking with other like minded groups.

— Rev. James Rae Uhey