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Intro to Crisis & Disaster in Stockton, CA

Intro to Crisis & Disaster in Stockton, CA

99 Pallets of Donated Product

99 Pallets of Donated Product


We launched The Phoenix Project USA in 2007 after years of working with inner city youth and communities; serving as a Community Chaplain with our local Police Department as well as responding to many different natural disasters and acts of terrorism as a Chaplain.  

Following our work at Ground Zero in New York City and working with survivors, we began to travel in the USA and teach in the area of crisis and trauma recovery.  

As the Senior Pastor of a church, we had missionaries come on a regular basis to share about their ministry.  During times of sharing our life and ministry with them, they shared with us that they could use the teaching and training in crisis and trauma recovery as well.

We traveled to Spain after the bombing of the Madrid Train Station and Sri Lanka and Thailand after the Christmas Day Tsunami to teach pastors and Bible College students in crisis and trauma recovery.

It was during our trip to Sri Lanka where one of the Pastors we worked with who had 50 people in his church die and his church facility as a place of distribution and minister to the hurting, looked at us and said "Sending money is great but I need someone to come and help me."

We knew then that we would need to make a change in our ministry so we came home and began the process of stepping away from Senior Pastoring, launching The Phoenix Project USA and becoming U.S. Missionaries with our fellowship. 


We can only be at one place at a time so our method is to train individuals, churches and organizations to be resilient enough to respond to the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of the individual and community. 

As an organization that is coming from the outside, Organizations that come into a community after a crisis or disaster event will go home.  Therefore, it is important that those who live in the local community have the skills and resources needed to process their physical, emotional and spiritual responses in a healthy way so that the survivors find the hope and healing they need.

To the right are some of the different organizations that we work with pre and post crisis and disaster with training and resources.